Index offer

We combine quantitative strategies, research and blockchain technology expertise to achieve the best index solutions

Napoleon Index is an index administrator and calculation agent, using a state-of-the-art IT platform which offers flexibility and innovation to its clients. Napoleon Index proposes a first of its kind audit tracking system leveraging blockchain technology for more transparency and security.

We base our values on four pillars:

Customised indices
Administration and calculation

With quantitative research, technology is in our DNA. Our IT platform is essential to the calculation of in-house and client customised indices. Automation and industrialised processes are at the centre of what we do. We operate in micro-services and multi-instances in order to bring flexibility, high availability and scalability to our clients.

We offer systematic (rules-based approach to index creation and administration) and non-systematic customised indices. We provide a full range of services supporting benchmarks, including regulatory compliance as well as the design, calculation and maintenance of indices.

Quant indices
Licensed quant indices

Napoleon Index Quant Indices are designed to be deployed globally in order to deliver high quality returns. They can be licensed to both active and passive investment strategies. We believe that working collectively, and with, creativity and rigor, we can achieve the best results. Our quant indices are based on both proprietary algorithms and external contribution. Allocation decisions are generated by algorithms using statistical and data analysis.

Quant Indices consist of Raw, Blend and Blend of Blends strategies using highly liquid listed assets or crypto assets. Quant Indices based on listed assets are EU Benchmark compliant while crypto assets indices are non-EU Benchmark compliant.


Blockchain proof certification

Napoleon Index innovates by using Blockchain technology to enhance index standards mainly in two areas of the value chain.The time stamping and audit track offer provides a high level of data transparency, traceability of edit data (like corporate actions or index values). It ensures data can be distributed, anonymised and stored safely.
The timestamping & audit track offer provides a high level of data transparency, traceability of edit data (like corporate actions or index values). It ensures an immutable, distributed and anonymized data storage.

The paper trading offer enables research and product development teams to enhance the performance of new index strategies without bearing any seed cost. That visibility and tested product performance makes the decision easier, namely, whether or not to launch a certain financial product. We know that when we do launch a product, it works, and we have the data to prove it.

Strategy provider
Quantitative strategy audit and track-record certification

External strategy providers or R&D teams can submit their research to our platform, knowing they will benefit from confidentiality agreements, that their intellectual property rights are secure and that they could receive compensation if an investor selects their idea.

After an audit and selection process operated by our partner, Napoleon Capital, external quantitative strategies may benefit from a unique blockchain certified track record. Napoleon Index also offers a wide array of services dealing with tax, legal and regulatory matters, contracting (fund or mandate administration), strategy execution and reporting.

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